Darcy Miller Designs, Camp Darcy, Painted Rocks

You always said your family rocked. Now you can mean that literally, but turning a series of rocks into a mini version of your crew! Find smooth rocks of varying sizes, then paint them with each person’s portrait for cute decor, paperweights, or personalized board game pieces next time it’s family game night. They make great gifts for grandparents, or paint best friend rocks and swap each other’s rock portraits.

You can write everyone’s name on the back of the painted rock with a paint pen, or write names on a separate rock to use as placecards, gifts or the next time you need to pick names out of a hat!

Branch out and do portraits of other groups of people, too—your camp bunkmates, a roommate group, classmates, a “rock band” of musicians, even Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the rest of the Supreme Court. Get creative!

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What You’ll Need:

  • Smooth stones in different sizes (one for each member of the family)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes – 1” – 2” wide flat or round brush
  • Paint Pen

How To:

Step 1: Paint rocks all over with the face color. Let dry.
Step 2: Add the hair styles and facial features. Use paint pens if you want fine details. If your paint kit doesn’t have the colors you need, mix your own! Opposite colors (Red + Green, Yellow + Purple, Blue + Orange) make browns and grays, and you can vary the ratios or add white to create hair and skin colors.
Step 3:  To identify who is who, use a paint pen to write everyone’s names on the back of their rock, or on a new rock to use as a label.