Everyone wants to be mindful—being present in the moment helps us stay calm and enjoy life under any circumstances. But how do you go about practicing mindfulness daily. We asked Suze Yalof Schwartz, founder of Unplug Meditation, for fun, fast tips to feeling mindful in a minute or less. Then, we compiled her genius advice into six easy ways to stay mindful:

Stop and Smell the Oranges

Citrus scents are proven to lift your mood and boost your energy. Grab an orange
or lemon from your fruit bowl and breathe deep; it’s guaranteed to make you feel happy.

Toss the To-do list; Start a To-be list

Think of how you want to live each day, then write it down. Your list might say Be Present, Be Kind, Be Optimistic, Be Yourself, or whatever else you can dream up. Change it to suit your day or mood, or set a list and stick to it all year long.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

You take 24,000 breaths every day. Make sure to notice at least one of them, slowing down your inhale and exhale. You’ll instantly feel calmer!

Meditate Before You Caffeinate

Before you even get out of bed, meditate for 60 seconds. (Anything above and beyond that counts as extra mood-lifting credit!) When you’re done, get up and reward yourself with a cappuccino!

Take a (Mental) Vacation

Imagine yourself in your favorite place, then a tour. Go through all your favorite spots
and scenes as if you were really there. You’ll feel refreshed from your mini-”vacation.”

Feel Gratitude—With Your Hands And Your Heart

Place your hands on your heart and ask yourself, “What three things am I grateful for right now?” It will warm your heart—literally.


Download our illustrated mindfulness cheat sheet template and print it out and prop it on your desk, or put it in a frame—whether it’s a real one or our wall decal—as a reminder to take a mindfulness break.