Darcy Miller Designs_Father's Day_Tie

Start Father’s Day off right for the dad who’d give you the shirt off his back. Prep his plate with a napkin “shirt” tied together with a custom (paper) cravat.

What You’ll Need:

How To:


Step 1 Start with your paper napkin.


Step 2 Unfold the napkin and spread it out on the table in front of you.


Step 3 Fold all corners in to meet at the middle (as you would making a cootie catcher.)


Step 4 You will be left with a smaller square with four triangular flaps facing up.


Step 5 Fold the two opposite sides of the square in vertically to meet at the middle.


Step 6 Now you have a long skinny rectangle, as shown here.


Step 7 Flip the rectangle over so that its seam is face down, and fold the top of rectangle down about ½.”



Step 8 Flip the napkin over again so seam is facing you. Fold one corner in to create half of the “collar.”



Step 9 Fold the second corner in to meet the other, completing the “collar.”


Step 10 Fold up the top layer of the two bottom corners and crease as shown.


Step 11 Fold the bottom of napkin up and out on the diagonal as shown—this will become one of the “sleeves” eventually. Repeat with the other bottom corner.


Step 12 Fold the bottom of the napkin up to the top and and tuck it under the “collar” as shown


Step 13 Print out Tie Template and cut out the small tie, and place it (or tape it) onto the front of the shirt

Darcy Miller Designs_Father's Day_Tie

Bonus: To really make dad’s day, customize the blank tie by coloring it in or decorating it, or print out the pre-patterned one and write a sweet note on the back. (This is also a fun job to keep little hands out of the way while you’re folding the napkin.)


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