Here’s a DIY gift (that’s draw-it-yourself!) that is fun for the whole family! Draw one family member on each unfinished matryoshka nesting doll for a fun DIY gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or a birthday or holiday gift for dad or mom. Give each kid a paint pen and have them each draw their own self-portrait. Or, draw each of the grandkids or cousins on each doll to give the set to grandma or grandpa. This is also a sweet present to welcome a new baby or sibling or to give a kid headed to camp so they can have their “family” close by!

You can also devote the entire set to one person, highlighting different aspects of their personality, or things they like to do. Try drawing Dad as a business man with a surfer inside, then a chef, then a guitar player, and so on! Or, draw Mom at different life stages: as she is today, as a student, as a little kid, as a toddler.

Whatever approach you choose, start with blank wooden nesting dolls (shop here!) then decorate! Paint pens work best. Make sure each doll is dry before stacking.

However you choose to decorate them, DIY matryoshka dolls will surprise the person you give them to all over again as they discover each smaller one hidden in the larger versions. This is one DIY gift that proves it really is what’s on the inside that counts!

What You’ll Need


Step 1: Unstack the set of wooden matryoshka dolls
Step 2: Paint a portrait of a family member, different versions of one person, or anyone you like on each doll
Step 3: Let each doll dry fully before re-stacking the dolls. Now you’re ready to give a DIY gift that will always remind them of their favorite people!