Celebrate her royal birthday highness with a cake fit for a princess.


What you’ll need

  • Crown Cake Topper template
  • cake stand
  • round cake
  • elastic cord
  • tulle (pink shown here)
  • paper (pink shown here)
  • scissors
  • jewel stickers (optional)


Step 1 Measure the circumference of cake stand cut a piece of elastic cord a few inches longer than that.




Step 2 Cut tulle into 2 x 6” strips.



Step 2 Tie stone in a slipknot around the elastic, and repeat until the entire length of elastic is covered.




Step 3 Tie the ends of the elastic so that it fits tightly around the cakestand, creating a tutu-like effect.

Print out the Crown Cake Topper template, then cut out and decorate however you wish (markers, jewel stickers, paint pens, paper punches etc.). Place the cake on the cakestand and the crown on the cake.




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