Turn any balloon into a puppy—and into a pet you can bring into anywhere!


What you’ll need:

  • Party Pups Ears template
  • brown or tan balloon
  • brown paper
  • doublestick tape
  • scissors
  • black paint pen


Step 1 Print out the Party Pups Ears template from Darcy’s Downloads, cut out ears, trace them onto brown paper, cut out, and fold along dotted line.


Step 2 Place doublestick tape along the back of the fold of each ear and stick one on each side of the balloon.


Step 3 Draw two eyes, a nose, and a puppy mouth to make the dog’s face.

Tie a pup to each kid’s chair or arrange the balloons in a pack above the cake table and let each guest take home a “pet.” For more doggie décor, go to the Getting Started chapter of Celebrate Everything! For fun balloon ideas, check out the Décor Details chapter.

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