Marshmallow Polar Bear Treats from Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Holiday Cards

Turning a bag of mini marshmallows into cute polar bear treats is a fun DIT (Do It Together) project for playdates or party favors. They’re also a fun twist on holiday greeting cards, whether you drop them off, hand them out, or pop them in a small box to mail.

To make polar bear treats, just fill a cellophane bag with mini marshmallows—or any white candy—fold the top down straight and the two bottom corners up to form a face, and seal the shape with tape.

Once you’ve got your head, download our ear and face template, print, and cut out, and tape them onto the bag as shown—or design, draw, and cut out your own. You can draw eyes directly onto the bag using s Sharpie. (And if you don’t have paper on hand, draw the entire face on!)

You can add a sticker or label to the bag and write a message to turn it into holiday card, birthday card, or personalize it for a baby shower or first birthday. Or, make a whole village of polar bears, or set up a menagerie of animal friends made out of sweet treats like this penguin and reindeer. Once you’ve created your polar bears, you can use them as

-Place cards (just write a name on them!)
-Treats/gifts for the whole class
-Individually wrapped bake sale treats
-Part of a dessert spread
-A sweet holiday card alternative (mail them in a padded envelope or small box)
-Afterschool snack break
-Wherever you use them, these “pets” are always welcome!

You can also turn treats into reindeer or penguins, and for more fun animal treat ideas, check out Celebrate Everything.

What You’ll Need

  • Mini marshmallows
  • Cellophane bags
  • Tape to close the bags
  • Polar Bear Treat Template
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Doublestick tape or glue dots to add the construction paper features
  • Black Sharpie
  • Sticker (optional)


Step 1 Fill a cellophane bag with mini marshmallows, concentrating them in the middle. Fold the top down and the two bottom corners up, and seal with tape. Add a sticker and write a message or name on the sticker if you like. Flip the packet over so the sticker is on the back. This smooth side will become your polar bear’s face.

Step 2 Download Polar Bear Treat Template, print, and cut out. Using glue dots or doublestick tape, attach the ears and face sections to the marshmallow packet as shown.

Step 3 Give your polar bear eyes by using the black Sharpie to draw dots on the package. Now you’re ready to send your friendly polar bear out into the wild to spread joy wherever he goes!