Party penguins in the house! With their natural black-tie attire, penguins are always party-ready. And these cuties, made of Milano® cookies and paper trim, are also downright delicious. At any celebration, these North Pole penguins will waddle their way into guests’ hearts.


What you’ll need:


Step 1  Print out North Pole Penguin template and cut out wings, beak and feet.


Step 2  Trace wings, beak and feet shapes onto paper and cut out. Place one cookie into each cellophane bag and tape shut. Glue paper wings, beak, and feet onto each bag, then draw on eyes with black paint pen.

You can use a glue gun for this project, but if you’re making them with kids, glue dots are recommended, as shown here.

Thank you Pepperidge Farm® for sponsoring this post. Create your own cookie holiday penguin with a variety of Milano® cookies! 

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