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A DIY Pizzelle bar is a fun, easy, unexpected, and interactive dessert idea for your holiday party or any other celebratory occasion like a winter wedding, birthday party, or bridal shower. Traditional Italian holiday cookies, pizzelles are perfect for winter because they have a snowflake pressed into their design, and are often sprinkled in powdered sugar. But why stop there?

Set out a dessert bar featuring the cookies and a variety of toppings and invite guests to DIY—that’s Decorate it Yourself in this case! If you pick up the pizzelle right off of the hot press, and set it between two bowls, the cookie will cool into a cuplike shape just right for holding ice cream, too!

And if you’re keeping the cookies flat—or just using store bought pizzelle—turn them into ice cream sandwiches, instead! You can even ice the cookies to highlight the snowflake design. Use cookie cutters to turn extra pizzelle dough (or leftover pie crust) into letters, bake those until hard, and everyone can personalize their designs with their name or initials

What You’ll Need

  • Pizzelles—either store bought, or make your own with a pizzelle press
  • Toppings–choose whatever you like! We went for:
  • -Whipped cream
  • -Vanilla pudding
  • -Chocolate mousse
  • -Ice Cream—we used chocolate, caramel, and vanilla
  • Fruit —we used fresh strawberries and freeze dried raspberries
  • Sprinkles —put out whatever fun varieties you have at home; we used snowflakes, gold stars, white pearls, sanding sugar, rock sugar
  • Cookies–we used crushed amaretti cookies and Japanese cookie balls
  • Cotton Candy
  • Pie Crust Letters


Step 1 Make pizzelle using a pizzelle press. When the cookies are still warm, turn a few into waffle cups by pressing them, one at a time, between two bowls. Or, buy pre-made pizzelles and use them to make ice cream sandwiches instead of sundae bowls.

Step 2  Set out pizzelles and toppings, saving those that will melt—like ice cream—until the last minute. Choose a variety of textures, from puddings and ice cream to crunchy candy sprinkles.

Step 3 Invite guests to pick their pizzelle and decorate their dessert!

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