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What’s more fun than a party favor? One that’s both a surprise and a game that everybody wins. Ask guests to choose a number which coordinates to a gift in bowl filled with wrapped mystery presents. (Think of little gifties everyone would enjoy—a bar of nice soap, a mini notebook or snow globe, a lotto ticket or small box of chocolates, a gift card in an envelope.) They can grab the one that matches their number on the way out, or you can make it interactive by choosing a present out of the bowl one at a time, announcing the number, and having the guest with the corresponding number come up and open.


You can pass out numbered slips of paper and number the wrapped boxes with a marker, but here’s a sweet suggestion: stick the numbers to chocolate coins to give everyone another (tasty) treat.


What You’ll Need:

  • Pen
  • Sticker paper or plain paper + double-sided tape
  • Foil-wrapped chocolate coins
  • Bowl of wrapped presents


How To:

Step 1 Write numbers onto round stickers or onto paper you cut into circles or slips of paper. You’ll need each number twice—one for the guest, and one for his or her package.

Step 2 Stick one set of numbers onto chocolate coins if using, and corresponding set onto presents. Or, leave a numbered slip of paper on each plate or place them in a bowl for guests to grab, and tape the matching numbers to the wrapped packages.

Step 3 Pass out coins or numbered slips (or have guests grab them from a bowl) and let the gifting begin!

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