Here’s a fun activity that’s a holiday card and a holiday gift all in one. It’s also a great craft project and a beading activity to do with your friends.

The idea is to string together some beads friendship style, then wrap the bracelet around a card so that the beads become part of the holiday greeting.

You could use a single charm and some string or put together letter beads to write out a word like “Merry!” and let the card fill in the rest of the sentence. Or you might

Write short words like KISS, LOVE, PEACE or JOY

Make a bracelet with the initial of the person you’re sending it to.

Use numbers to write the date of the new year.

Or, send text-like messages like LOL, I*U, HBD.

Once you’ve made your bracelet, wrap it around a personalized card. You can use our Made With Love template, or scan a note, drawing, or kids’ artwork and print it out on cardstock. You could even print a photo and wrap the bracelet around it as if the person in the photo is wearing a necklace! Snip small slices in the sides of the card, and slide the bracelet onto those, securing it in the back.

A bracelet holiday card is not just a fun craft and a personalized gift, but also a way to stay connected. A bracelet is also a sweet reminder that you’re thinking of the person you made it for—and they’ll think of you each time they see it on their wrist.

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What you’ll need

For the bracelet:

  • Thread
  • Beads
  • Needle
  • ScissorsFor the card:
  • Downloadable Darcy Miller card template
  • Cardstock or thick paper (white paper works best for colored templates; use any colored paper you like for the black and white versions)
  • Scissors
  • Envelopes for mailing


STEP 1 Measure the desired length of thread you want, make sure to leave a little extra room to tie it on your wrist once it’s completed, double it if you want a double thread bracelet like these, then cut.

STEP 2 Tie the looped end in a double knot to make sure it is secure, leaving the loose ends untied.

STEP 3 Thread both loose ends through the needle, then slip on whatever beads you want; most of these started with a gold base bead, then letters in the correct order, then another gold bead to finish the word.

STEP 4 When you’re done with the bracelet, remove the needle and tie the loose ends in double knot to secure

STEP 5 Download Darcy Miller Designs Friendship Bracelet Card template, print, and cut out. You can choose our colored-in designs or black and white templates to color in yourself.

STEP 6 Cut small slits on each side of the card where you want the bracelet to sit, or for the “I love you” card, punch, cut, or poke a hole underneath the butterfly and the bee.

STEP 7 Nestle each end of the bracelet into the slit—or thread each end of the bracelet through the hole punch for the I Love You card—and tape loose ends to the back.

Step 8 Slip card into an envelope, address, and mail!