Darcy Miller DesignsHere’s a fun and easy way to make a Mother’s Day celebration—or any occasion—even more special. Our personalized cake topper is like a party on a cake! And it comes with a blank banner so you can customize it to celebrate mom on mother’s day, a friend on her birthday, a bride or mom -to-be at a shower, or anyone else you’d like to give a big bunch of flowers.

Download all the pieces—bouquet, banners, even mini envelopes for a special messages, and also frame templates so you can add photos or drawings of the honoree. Have fun personalizing it! You can color in the black and white version, add photos or draw portraits, or fill in the blank banner with a note of your own: Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, or whatever you like! This personalized cake topper also makes fun decor for a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner—it’s a cake and centerpiece in one!

Then tape the pieces onto wooden skewers; you can even use toothpicks for the smaller butterflies. Stick the skewers into the cake and you’ve got dessert, a centerpiece and a card all in one! You can even fill the envelope with an IOU for a gift or future celebration. To make it extra-special, you can give her a bouquet of real flowers, place one or two into a vase, or scatter petals across the table.

You can use all the pieces or just one—you might write a card for the mini envelope and slip it into a bouquet of actual flowers!Darcy Miller Designs

No cake? No problem! Stick the mother’s day cake topper into a stack of pancakes or even a sandwich to dress up breakfast or lunch! Scatter the pieces along the table, your colleague’s desk at work, or on the pillow if you’re bringing mom breakfast in bed.

And if you’re not celebrating together, you can customize the pieces and mail them to mom or whomever you’re celebrating so they can stick the topper in their cake. Make a copy for yourself to wave at them over zoom, too!

And when the party’s over, she can display the bouquet in a vase or pencil cup as a sweet souvenir—it’s one way to have her cake and eat it, too! Save the pieces to pull out every year or just print out a new banner to fill in for different occasions.

Darcy Miller Designs

What You’ll Need

Darcy Miller Designs


Step One: Download our Mother’s Day Bouquet Cake Topper, print, and cut out whichever pieces you’re using.

Step Two: If you’ve printed the black and white version, color in the bouquet, flowers, and butterflies. If you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, shower, or another occasion that’s not Mother’s Day, write your own message in the blank banner. Draw a portrait or glue a photo into the “frame” cut out (optional).

Step Three: Fold the envelope template, write a note on the card and slip it inside.

Step Four: Tape the cut out bouquet, flowers, butterflies, banner, envelope, and any other pieces you’re using to wooden skewers, and stick them into the cake. Now you’re ready to celebrate!

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