Darcy Miller, Mother's Day, Brunch, Roses

Add a new twist to the traditional breakfast in bed by serving it with a side of a dozen (paper) roses that tell mom just how much you love her.

What You’ll Need:

  • Long envelope
  • Scissors
  • Paper Rose Template
  • White cardstock
  • Black marker
  • Tray
  • Fresh rose
  • Mother’s Day breakfast

How To:

Step 1 Print and cut out a dozen Paper Roses.

Step 2 On each flower, write a reason why your mom is the best, or just an adjective that describes her.

Step 3 Holding the envelope lengthwise, cut two horizontal slits about two inches up from the bottom.

Step 4 Slip the stem of one “rose” through the slit, and fill the envelope with the rest of the blooms.

Step 5 Arrange on a tray with a real flower and mom’s favorite breakfast and deliver to her bed.

For an alternate presentation, skip the envelope and stand the paper bouquet up in a vase. (Let’s face it, mom’s going to love these no matter how you deliver them!)

Darcy Miller, Mother's Day, Brunch, Roses


Say it with Flowers

Add a rosy finishing touch to any gift with these paper flower gift tags.

What You’ll Need:

Step 1 Print as many Paper Roses as needed, and cut out.

Step 2 Personalize each flower with a message or the recipient’s name.

Step 3 Wrap gift and slide rose gift tag underneath ribbon.