What better way to celebrate someone than with a custom portrait–on a balloon! The best part is, you don’t have to be an artist to make an easy and personalized element of decor that will show everyone who the guest of honor is. All you need are balloons, paper, markers, some tape, and your imagination.

Think of a distinctive feature of the person you’re celebrating. Does your husband always wear glasses? Is your sister a fan of bright red lipstick? Does your best friend have freckles or long curly hair? Maybe your mom loves a beret! Pick something that you can easily cut out of paper, or draw on with a marker, and boom: instant decor!

And feel free to think out of the box! If the guest of honor loves dogs, then make puppy balloons instead (or cats, or bears, or bunnies!)! A balloon can turn into a lemon, basketball or a football with a few drawn-on lines, or even a princess with an easy paper crown.

You don’t even need helium for this one. Go ahead and tape your balloons to the wall or to the ceiling, or even scatter on the floor. If you are using helium in your balloons, make sure that whatever add-ons you’re attaching to your balloons are light, or else they won’t float!


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