Turn balloons into springtime bunnies. This fun easy craft idea can decorate an Easter, a baby shower or a birthday party for your honey bun. Use our bunny template or use your imagination–draw with markers, add different shapes, whatever animal fits your theme. Make a garland and string them around a room or attach them to cupcake cups and place them on the table.

What You’ll Need:

  • Bunny Ears template
  • Pink or white 5” balloon
  • Pink paper
  • White paper
  • Cupcake cup (optional)
  • doublestick tape
  • scissors

Step 1 Print out the Bunny Face template, cut out ears and nose. Cut larger ears onto white paper, and fold ears at bottom edge. Cut the smaller ears and the nose out of pink paper.

Step 2 Use doublestick tape to tape the smaller white ear in the center of the pink ear.

Step 3 Place doublestick tape along the back of the fold of each ear and stick one on each side of the blown up balloon.

Step 4 Draw two eyes, whiskers, and a bunny mouth to make the bunny’s face.

Step 5 If you are putting them on the table-take the paper cupcake cup and cut a small X in the bottom. Pop the knot of the balloon through the X so it becomes a stand.