Whether you need an end-of-the-year gift for teachers, a present for teacher appreciation day, or a favor for a graduation or birthday party, these candy-filled pencils are the write stuff! They’re a thoughtful favor that doubles as decor if you’re throwing a party for your favorite student or writer. And the pencil party favors are a natural fit for a book party, classroom publishing party, or any event held in a library or school. (You can even make book favors too, and pair them up.) Or, if you’ve got a beloved bookworm or avid student in your life, pencil these in as a treat that says “Congrats on taking the SAT/ MCAT /LSAT” or any other test.

These party pencil favors are adorable, versatile, and easy to make. Start with a clear plastic test tube, and fill it with jelly beans or any other colored candy. You can pick treats that fit in with your party color scheme, school colors, or the favorite colors of the teacher or writer you’re celebrating. They’re a fun gift for a student who just got into college, when filled with that school’s colors—mix the two colors together or split them up and make the pencil half blue, half white for example. Or, just go for yellow for the classic No. 2 look we created here using jelly beans and lemonheads.

Then, download our printable template onto white paper, print, and cut out the “erasers” and “pencil tips.” Wrap the pink “eraser” around one end of the tube and secure with tape or glue dots. Wrap the pencil tip around the other end, and add the sweet I ❤️ U label on the side. Or, if you’re having a party, write each guest’s name on a strip of paper or a sticker, attach it to the side, and let these pencils double as placecards.

When you’re done, place one on a teacher’s desk, set one at each place at a party, or nestle them in a stocking; these handmade paper-tipped pencils aren’t the kind you can toss into the bottom of your backpack. If you’re looking for sharp decor or a thoughtful favor, they’re write on.

What You Need


Step One: Download pencil party favor template, print onto white card stock or paper and cut out.

Step Two: Fill tubes with candy, making sure it goes all the way to the top. Screw on top to seal.

Step Three: Wrap doublesided tape around the metal cap of the tube, leaving about ⅛ – ¼ of silver showing (to resemble the metal that holds the eraser onto a pencil). Then roll the pink eraser template onto the tap, securing with doublesided tape where the edges meet.

Step Four: Roll the pencil point template into a cone and use doublesided tape or a glue dot to secure the cone where edges meet. Take 3-4 glue dots and stick them on the bottom edge of the bottom of the tube, then attach the pencil point cone. (You can also use a single strip of doublestick tape.)

Step Five: Add the optional oval message label with a glue dot or double sided tape. Now you’ve got favors that deserve an A++.