There’s so many good reasons to travel: Seeing the world, learning new things, expanding your horizons. Whether you’re planning a trip, giving one as a present, or immersing yourself in a locale, here’s a ticket that can serve as a gift certificate or IOU for a future trip, an invitation for a theme party set in your favorite country, or a staycation if you’re not getting on an actual plane (or train or car). Have fun filling in the blanks with a reason to travel—whether it’s “honeymoon,” “bucket list,” or “anniversary present”—and even the gate; that could be a place (“the living room couch” for a staycation) or a date (“next summer” if the ticket is an IOU).

Staycations are a fun way to prep for a trip, relive memories of a past journey, and travel virtually without leaving your house, whether you’re going to cook pasta for an Italian staycation, learn a few French words, or set (virtual) sail for the Greek islands.

For a fun summer activity with kids or a weekly family tradition, have everyone fill out a paper ticket with a place they want to go, and pick them out of a hat to see where you’ll go on your “virtual vacation” where you’ll eat a country’s food, learn a bit about the culture, and play themed activities and games. Once you’ve hosted a few traditions, save the “boarding passes” for a scrapbook. Bon Voyage!

What You Need:

Step 1: Download Darcy Miller Designs Boarding Pass template, print, and cut out.
Step 2: Fill in the blanks with your dream destinations and details. Bon voyage!