Whether it’s your dog’s birthday party, you’re celebrating the “gotcha day” your furry friend came into your life, or you just want to do something special for a puppy pal, a party for a dog can be tons of fun for pets and humans, too. It’s also a great theme for a birthday party for someone who just loves dogs!

If your party is for a pup, there are so many dog-themed party supplies you can find or make, and lots of dog-friendly treats from canine cupcakes to full-size dog birthday cakes. I don’t know who enjoyed this party we threw for our dog, Groot, the most—me, my daughters, or the birthday pup himself. When you celebrate your pup, here are some fun ideas to keep in mind.

Dog-Themed Decor

Dog Balloons

Half party decor, half puppy portrait, this balloon looks just like our dog, Groot! For a how-to, click here. But you can also use your imagination and just cut construction paper to resemble your own dog’s ears and face, or even just draw on the balloon with a Sharpie. If your best friend is a French poodle, click here for our balloon-dog how-to, complete with fancy collar.


Dog Bone Garland

Throw a dog a bone—or several! Download our dog bone template, print, and cut out, and you can turn it into all kinds of party decorations. Tape bones to string to create garlands like we did here; write names on them and use them as gift tags, place cards, or photo booth props; or tape them to the wall or scatter them along the table to set the mood.


Dog Birthday Crown

Dog Birthday Crown

The one thing that could make your pooch even more adorable on their big day? A birthday crown or hat. You can find versions like this one online or at pet stores to fit various breeds—and your dog doesn’t have to be a King Charles Spaniel like Groot to wear it regally. I bought this one at the pet store and cut a 1 out of construction paper to customize it.


Dog Friendly Treats

When it comes to canine cakes or other celebratory desserts for a pup’s party, there are so many fun dog treats you can choose from. Pick the one you think your puppy would love, or, if you’ve invited the whole gang from the dog park, you can give one treat to each four-legged guest. This array includes:

Dog Bone Candle

Even though your dog’s not going to blow it out, you can still put a candle on their treat for a photo op. Some treats, like this bone from Canine Styles, come with a hole to hold it. (Of course, you’ll want to take care if you actually light the candle to make sure you’re holding your pup while the flame is lit.)


Puppy Playlist

Serenade your pooch with a selection of songs celebrating man’s best friend. You can play them at the party, when you go for walks, at the dog park—wherever you and your four-legged friend are partying together. Here’s a few to get you started:

  • Hound Dog by Elvis Presley
  • Puppy Love by Dolly Parton
  • The Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine
  • Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men
  • Diamond Dogs by David Bowie
  • The More Boys I Meet…The More I Love My Dog by Carrie Underwood
  • Me and You and a Dog Named Boo by Lobo
  • Walking the Dog by Rufus Thomas
  • Rain Dogs by Tom Waits
  • Black Dog by Led Zeppelin

Whatever ideas you work into your puppy party, you’re sure to have a great time celebrating the best dog in the world—yours.