Keep your friends close—and mosquitos far—with these bracelets that are infused with insect-repelling citronella essential oil.


What You’ll Need:

  • Suede Cords
  • Scissors
  • Citronella Essential Oil
  • Beads (optional)


How To:


Step 1 Cut cords so that they wrap around your friends’ wrists with enough left over to knot at the end. You can also wrap around a few times for a more layered look.


Step 2 Place the cords out (ideally on scrap paper, a picnic table or other outdoor surface so that the scent doesn’t linger inside). Drip 5 to 10 drops of citronella oil along each cord. Let dry for 15 minutes.


Step 3 Once the cords are dry, start making your bracelets! String a bead onto a single cord, wrap it around the wrist and tie with a double knot. Or, knot three strands together (leaving 2 inches above the knot) and braid them.

BONUS: Cut strings longer to wear as an anklet!

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