Here’s some news you can use: This downloadable “newspaper” has spaces for everyone to write their highlights of last year and resolutions for next. Print one out and leave it at each place for a New Year’s Dinner, along with pens so guests can fill in their replies. You can read the answers out loud and guess who said what, share your answers with the group or just save it as a fun souvenir. Not having a sit-down dinner? No problem! Set a stack on the table or a few around the room so guests can fill in as the mood strikes them.

You’ll Need:


Step 1 Download New Year’s Times Template, print, and cut out.

Step 2 Set at each seat, or in a stack, along with some pens and invite guests to look back to the past and plan for the future.

1. Punch Bowl, 2. Silver Cup, 3. Disco Ball Cup, 4. Silver Stripe Napkin, 5. Disco Ball Necklace, 6. Blowers 7. Disco Ball

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