Make champagne even more festive than it already is with some paper and scissors

What you’ll need:
  • tissue paper (gold shown here)
  • scissors
  • paper (black shown here)
  • pen (gold shown here)
  • double-sided tape
  • mini champagne bottles

Step 1 Cut tissue paper into 4×5″ rectangles, enough for two rectangles per bottle

Step 2  Cut fringe into tissue paper about 2″ down. Fringe scissors used here, but regular scissors work just as well.

Step 3 Cut paper into strips about 2.5×8″, enough for one strip per bottle

Step 4  Write the desired word or letter onto each strip of paper (e.g., P-O-P) and wrap around each bottle. Secure with double-sided tape

Step 5 Wrap fringed tissue paper around the top of each bottle, secure with double sided tape and repeat to make a double layer.

Step 6  Fan out fringe and serve!
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