All you need to keep kids busy—whether you’re on vacation, hosting a playdate or birthday party, or just looking to fill an afternoon—is the great outdoors, and a goal in mind. Our Nature Scavenger Hunt template makes it easy and fun for kids to forage, explore, and learn about the natural world. It’s like camp in your backyard (or local park!) They can work in teams, or race against each other to see who completes all the tasks and finds all the treasures first (although, the truth is, as long as kids are outside, having fun, everybody wins!). A single kid can even hunt alone (as long as they’re old enough to read; otherwise, they’ll need a parent on their team!) And if you don’t have a printer—or think some of these items aren’t lurking in your backyard or local park—no worries! Just pull out a pen and paper and make up your own list, then send the kids out the door for some happy hunting! Ours is broken into things you can spot (a beetle!); find (something in your favorite color); do (sing a song to a tree); and collect (three acorns)—but you can organize your list any way you want!

What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Download Nature Scavenger Hunt Template, print, and hand out along with pencil(s).
Step 2: Take the kiddos outside to see how many things you can spot, find, do, and collect!