Turn cooking dinner into a fun game by naming a star ingredient and seeing who can come up with the best recipes. It’s a fun activity to do with your kids, or even during a birthday party or shower themed around the honoree’s favorite food. (And it’s also the perfect solution for those moments when you open the fridge or walk into the garden and realize you suddenly have ALL THE blueberries (or zucchini or mint). Name the star ingredient and have everyone brainstorm what you’re going to turn it into—you can even print out our downloadable Ingredient of the Day cards to add to

Pass out our printable Ingredient of the Day cards, and give the “contestants” a few minutes to draw up a menu. Then you can each whip up your own menus for a Chopped-style contest to see whose recipe is the tastiest, or vote on what to cook as a group, turning meal prep into a fun project and a chance to D.I.T.—our motto, Do It Together! (And you can make the other ideas the next day—and the day after that!) It’s a great way to get kids to use their imaginations, develop cooking skills, and eat their fruits and veggies.

What You Need

Step 1: Download the Darcy Miller Designs Ingredient of the Day card template, print, and cut out.
Step 2: Write in the Ingredient of the day, and pass out the cards—and a pen—to your contestants/sous-chefs.
Step 3: Let the cooking and feasting begin!

No printer? No problem! You can draw up your own Ingredient of the Day Menu cards and get cooking.

Darcy Miller Designs, Camp