Darcy Miller

These pouches are so easy to DIY—no sewing required!

Darcy Miller How To Drawstring Bag

What you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • Japanese hole punch (or exacto knife)
  • suede string
  • suede fabric (or whatever you have around the house!)
  • safety pin
  • decorative beads
  • dinner plate to trace


Darcy Miller How To Drawstring Bag

Step 1 Using the dinner plate as your guide, trace a circle onto the fabric, then cut it out.

Darcy Miller How To Drawstring Bag

Step 2 Take the screw punch and punch holes around the circumference of the circle, about an inch in from the edge and an inch apart from each other. (It’s okay if it’s not exact.) If you don’t have a punch, use an exacto knife or scissors to make small slits in the fabric.


Step 3 Weave string in and out of holes, leaving the ends hanging out of the first and last holes. Decorate a pin with a few beads—try using letters and spelling out a message. Then slip one of the strings through the pin as shown before securing.


Step 4 Pull string taut and tie.

Darcy Miller How To

You can fill the bags with goodies for an extra favor. For more DIY takeaways, check out the Favors chapter of Celebrate Everything!

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