Cherries are a sign of summer and a great theme for a summer dinner party. But you can serve a “cherry” dessert plate year-round, without using the fruit at all! Any round, red treat—think macarons, mini cupcakes, red-frosted cookies—can act as cherries. Just add stems cut from green sour straws and leaves cut out of green sour belts.

Then, you’ve got a plate full of “cherries” you can serve on their own or with a scoop of sorbet—perfect summer party food! Add real cherries, or even decorate a cake with a “cherry” on top! Cherry-themed desserts are fun for birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, or any other occasion. You can even set out lots of red and green treats and invite everyone to build their own cherry dessert plate out of items— like two red mini cupcakes linked by matcha pocky or two scoops of cherry sorbet plus green icing as stems and leaves. That way, everyone can cherry-pick their favorites!

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What you’ll need:

Macarons (ours are from Dana’s Bakery)
Red Round Cookies (ours are from The Rounds)
Green Sour Straws
Green Sour Belts


Step One: Cut green sour belts into leaf shapes, and green sour straws into stems.

Step Two: Place two round red sweets on a plate and attach together with edible stems and leaves. (When you are working with sweets that are more flat—like the cookies—you can also use green icing to draw stems and leaves on a plate.)