Valentines Day Coupon Tickets

Turn a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift into the hottest ticket in town. Just print these downloadable Valentine’s Day coupon tickets and hand them out to Valentines, Galentines, anyone who fills your heart with love.

You can choose our pre-printed “Un Bisou for Mon Chou” tickets, which promise a kiss to the recipient en français. (“Mon chou” means “my cabbage,” a term of endearment in France. But you can think of it as a kiss for a miss or mister, or anyone you’d be willing to smooch when they turn in the ticket.)
Or, fill the blank sheet with promises of future treats your Valentine can claim whenever they want to redeem their coupon. Have fun dreaming up what each ticket might be good for!

  • An Adventure
  • A Girl’s Night
  • A Sunset Cocktail (or Mocktail)
  • A Road Trip (or Girl’s Trip)
  • An Emptied Dishwasher
  • A Night on the Town
  • An Afternoon Off
  • A Mani-Pedi
  • A Home-Cooked Meal
  • Dinner for Two
  • A Date Night
  • Breakfast in Bed
  • Unlimited Hugs
  • A Movie Night
  • A Free Lunch
  • A Pancake Brunch

Since you can fill in the ticket with any treat you like, you can customize to the recipient, so that it’s the perfect gift for your partner, kids, parents, Galentine, or Valentine.

Or, put on some lipstick, pucker up, kiss each ticket and hand out kisses all night long. You can also use lip-print tickets to decorate the table at a Valentine’s Day party, stuff them into Valentine’s Day cards, or frame one in a shadow-box for the person you’d send kisses to forever. They can then hang it or display so that your kiss isn’t just on their mind, but on their desk, too.

And these are so fast to make, and easy to customize—color them in, print them on colored paper, use your fanciest handwriting to fill them in. If you want a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift that still manages to be super-thoughtful, these are just the ticket!

What You Need

  • Printable Valentine’s Day Coupons template
  • Paper or cardstock (white or color, it’s up to you!)
  • Markers to color in, pens for writing, lipstick for kissing (all optional)


Step One: Download the Valentine’s Day Coupon template, print, and cut out.

Step Two: Fill in the blank tickets, or decorate either type of ticket as desired.

Step Three: Pass them out and spread Valentine’s Day joy!