Valentines Candy Graze Board

This Valentine’s Day, fill a loved one’s heart with joy—and candy! This heart-shaped candy-cuterie board takes the idea of a charcuterie board and makes it sweeter by replacing cheese and cold cuts with red candy and fruit. A sweet heart for your sweetheart, this fun idea is also a great surprise for Galentine’s, kids, or anyone who deserves a little sugar this Valentine’s Day. And every single thing on it is available at the grocery store, so it’s a perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day surprise. And if you’re having people over, consider this a mini-dessert buffet that doubles as decor at a Valentine’s Day party, bridal shower, bachelor(ette) or engagement party, birthday, or even a wedding.

To make this sweetest of hearts, just cut a heart out of wax paper and place it on a cutting or cheese board. On top of the paper, set out a few ramekins or bowls (like these heart-shaped beauties), filled with red fruit (like strawberries or raspberries) or candies. Then, fill in the space around the bowls with any red candies you can find, grouping like objects together. Have fun with it! You might use:

  • Red candy-coated chocolates like M & Ms or Sixlets
  • Red foil-wrapped chocolates
  • Gummy hearts
  • Gummy lips
  • Gummy tape
  • Red licorice sticks and/or whips
  • Mini cupcakes or cookies with red candy topping or red frosting

Get creative! You could also change up the color of the candies and baked goods you choose to make an all pink heart, an ombre pink to red heart, a rainbow heart, or a heart in any other color palette.

For the finishing touch, add our printable arrows and Valentine’s Day banner. Then, you’re ready to show the candy-cuterie board to your cutie and make it the sweetest Valentine ever.

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valentines candy

What You Need

  • Downloadable Heart Candy-Cuterie Board template and paper to print it on
  • Wax, parchment, or any other food-safe paper
  • Bowls, ramekins or other small vessels
  • Red berries—we used strawberries and raspberries
  • Red candies: Gummies, licorice, candy-coated chocolates
  • Mini cupcakes or cookies with red candy topping or red frosting


Step One: Cut a heart shape out of wax paper. Pro tip: Cut out half a heart, then use it as a template to cut out the other half. Or, old a large sheet of wax paper in half, cut half a heart out, and unfold into a full heart.

Step Two: Fill bowls with berries or candy and place them far apart from each other on top of the wax paper. Don’t forget to cut the green tops off of the strawberries; then, when you slice the berry in half, the halves will be heart shaped.

Step Three: Fill in the rest of the space around the bowls with red fruit, candy, or red-candy-topped mini cupcakes, working one section at a time, one type of treat per section.

Step Four: Download Heart-shaped Candy-Cuterie template, print, and cut out. Arrange arrow halves around each of the bowls, with the largest arrow’s halves on each side of the heart itself. Then, place the banner across the middle of the heart and give your heart away!