It’s traditional to exchange words of love on Valentine’s Day—with your friends, partner, family, anyone you adore! For a fun twist on that custom, you can exchange (Cross)Words of Love with our romantic take on the beloved word game. A card, a game, and a love note all in one, this Love Crossword Game is perfect not just for Valentine’s Day but as an activity at a bridal shower, engagement or anniversary party, or any celebration of love, because every clue in this crossword is linked to love. You can think of it as Cupid’s crossword!

This is a fun way to celebrate the occasion whether you’re observing Galentine’s Day, having a family breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes, or passing out Valentines to co-workers. (After all, why should elementary school kids have all the fun?) It’s a slam-dunk for anyone who does the crossword daily, but fun for everyone else, too.

Here are some lovely ways to use the (Cross)Words of Love:

Slide it onto a breakfast-in-bed tray
Replace the regular newspaper with it for a special delivery
Slip one into a briefcase, bag, or lunchbox so your sweetie can think of you while filling it in later in their day
Top each placesetting with one at the breakfast table or for a Galentine’s or Palentine’s Dinner
Turn it into a game at your V-Day party: Have everyone flip them over at the same time, and whoever fills it out first wins a prize.
Wrap it around a box of chocolates or other V-Day gift
Pass them out to your co-workers

However you choose to use it, our (Cross)Words of Love template is guaranteed to fill Valentine’s Day with fun and games. A lighthearted, interactive Valentine appropriate for everyone in your life, this Valentine’s Day crossword makes it easy to share the love. It’s Valentine _____ (three letter word for enjoyment)!

What You’ll Need

How To:

Step 1: Download our (Cross)Words of Love Template
Step 2: Print out as many copies as you have Valentines
Step 3: Write To, From, and any other personal message on the back (optional)
Step 4: Pass it out, sneak it into a bag, set it on the table or otherwise distribute it. Then, have a happy love-filled Day!