These hot chocolate mugs can be used in so many ways for the holidays, and all winter long! Download our Hot Chocolate Mug template, print, and cut out, to turn them into:

-Gift Tags: Punch a hole out of the handle of our “To/From” mug, loop a string through, and tie it onto a present. (No hole punch, no problem—tape works too!)

-Place Cards: Write guests’ names on the plain mugs

-Confetti: Cut out all four designs and scatter them across the table

-Garland: String them together and hang as decor

To make a Hot-Chocolate-and-Marshmallow Garland

You’ll need:


Step 1 Download Hot Chocolate Mug template, print, and cut out

Step 2 Thread twine through the needle

Step 3 String needle through the pom-pom with the needle and pull twine through

Step 4 Stick a mug to the twine with doublestick tape

Step 5 Thread on another pom-pom

Step 6 Repeat until garland is at the desired length

Have fun and experiment—you can string on different sized pom-poms or even popcorn!

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