DIY Hanukkah DreidelMake your own Hanukkah dreidel decor! Send a DIY holiday card inspired by everyone’s favorite Hanukkah game. These pop-up dreidel cards fold flat to mail, but when they’re fully opened, they double as instant, 3-D Hanukkah dreidel decor.

These fast, festive, easy DIY Hanukkah cards are also a fun activity to do with kids on a playdate or a winter crafternoon. All you need are scissors, cardstock or construction paper. You can personalize them however you want—write notes, draw pictures, paint them or even add stickers. Make a bunch to mail to friends and family or use as decor for your Hanukkah party or dinner, or just to dress up your home for the season.

Once you’ve made several pop-up dreidel cards you can:

-Stand them on your mantel
-Work them into a centerpiece
-Write names on them to use as placecards
-Punch a hole and add a string to turn them into mobiles or hanging decor
-Tape them atop a present as gift tags

Wherever you use them, these DIY pop-up dreidels will help you and yours have a happy Hanukkah!

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What You’ll Need

  • DIY Hanukkah Card Pop-Up Dreidel template
  • Cardstock or construction paper in desired colors—Cardstock or construction paper in desired colors—or, paint cereal boxes and cut them out to upcycle them into dreidel decor
  • Scissors
  • Stickers for decorating (or use markers, crayons, whatever you like!)

DIY Hanukkah Dreidel Decor


Step One: Download DIY Hanukkah Card Pop-Up Dreidel templates, print on cardstock or construction paper, and cut out.

Step Two: Cut a slit at the top of one cut out and the bottom of the other, as indicated.

Step Three: Decorate cut-outs with stickers, markers, or whatever art supplies you like—don’t forget to do both sides! Write a greeting if using as holiday cards or names if using as placecards or gift tags.

Step Four: Slide the top slit into the bottom slit and pop out to use as decor or leave flat to slip into an envelope and mail. Have a Happy Hanukkah!


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