Whether you’re enjoying it the day of or after the fact, Halloween snack mix is a great way to use up your Halloween candy. It’s a fun, unexpected no-cook activity for a Halloween party, birthday party, or to do with your kids any fall afternoon. (And it’s not just for kids—Halloween snack mix is a seasonal bar snack for adults, too!)

If you’re going to DIT (Do It Together), just set out the separate ingredients in individual bowls and let each child put together their own mix!

The idea is to mix loose leftover candy with less sugary options like popcorn, puffed cereal, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.

In general, a good rule of thumb can be: for each candy ingredient, add three non candy ingredients!

This version is a sweet and salty blend of candy and healthier options—including pretzel sticks, nuts, dried cranberries, puffed cereal, and popcorn. We mixed those with some leftover treats like malt balls and candy corn to put the Halloween in Halloween Snack Mix.

But you can easily personalize your snack mix by substituting your own favorite sweet and savory snacks. And year-round, you can swap out the Halloween candy for other seasonal sweets. That might mean adding chopped up candy canes at Christmas, red candy hearts or conversation hearts on Valentine’s day, or malted egg balls at Easter. Whatever you decided, it will add a sweet surprise to the season!


Once your Halloween snack mix is mixed, you can pack it up to give as fall favors at a Halloween party if you’re celebrating Halloween at home, or slip into lunch bags for a fun treat.

If you’ve made a whole lot, split it into individual serving sizes for grab and go snacks for when you’re headed to the park or packing lunch. Add our printable labels to jam jars, write kids’ names on top, and let each kid pack their own, so there’s no fighting over snacks! The same idea works with Tupperware or ziploc bags, too—just write names on with a Sharpie.

Snack packs also fun fall favors if you’re hosting Thanksgiving, a fall birthday party, or autumn wedding. Scoop the mix into cello bags, print out our fall-leaf labels, fold them over the opened end and staple shut.

Write guests’ names on the leaves and the favor also doubles as a place card!

You can also use other containers you might have sitting around the house—spice jars, pastry bags, or any other container. Use your imagination!

What You’ll Need:

All of these are what we used; feel free to swap out your favorites!

  • Popcorn
  • Malt balls
  • Almonds
  • Dried cranberries
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Candy corn
  • Puffed cereal


To package

  • Jam jars (optional)
  • Dotted Round Label template (for jam jars)
  • Doubstick tape (for labelling jam jars)
  • Cellophane bags
  • Round Lid  and Leaf Tag template
  • White paper
  • Stapler and staples
  • Pen for writing names


Step 1  Set out bowls of individual ingredients and a larger bowl (or several) for mixing. Combine all ingredients for a sweet-and-savory snack mix.

Step 2 (Optional): Place in treat bags or jam jars.


Step 3  (Optional) Download, print, and cut Fall Leaf Labels (for cello bags) or Round Labels (for Jam Jars).

Slip folded tag over the open end and staple shut the treat bags, or add round labels to jam jars with doublestick tape. You can also use any container you have like Ziploc bags, labelled with a Sharpie.



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