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Up your dirt pudding bar game with cups of creepy candy. Fill cups with spooky sweets and invite guests to make the grossest dessert possible. Bwahahaha!

What You’ll Need:

  • Chocolate pudding
  • Chocolate wafer cookies or Oreos
  • Cups, glasses, or bowls to hold toppings and pudding
  • An array of terrifying toppings— think things like gummy worms; frogs; crow’s feet; bones; skulls; brains; teeth; chocolate crunch; plus colored candied popcorn; sugar skulls, eyeballs and meat cleavers; and these Wilton gravestones that come with food-safe markers

How to:

Step 1 Make chocolate pudding, or use ready-made, and set out

Step 2 Crush chocolate wafers into “dirt”

Step 3 Fill cups with crushed chocolate wafer “dirt” and creepy toppings

Step 4 Whip up the most gruesome treats possible

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