Masks aren’t just for Halloween costumes. You can use them to decorate, too! This Roman-style bust wears one (he’s also accessorized with a gilded snake) and so does this posh pumpkin (wearing a mask and a gold-tipped stem thanks to the wonders of spray-paint).


What You’ll Need:

  1. Bust, 2. Black Paper, 3. Elastic, 4. Fake Snakes, 5. Gold Spray Paint, 6. Fake Gold Spider

Here’s how to create masquerade masks for your own Halloween favorites:

Step 1 Download our mask template, print onto white paper, and cut out to use as a template on colored paper, or print directly onto colored paper and cut out.

(If using white paper as a template, trace onto colored paper and cut out.)

Step 2 Punch holes on each side of black mask.

Step 3 Measure whatever you’re masking and cut a strip of black elastic to fit.

Step 4 Loop the elastic through the holes and tie to secure.

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