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Here’s a DIY holiday gift that lets the people who’ve helped make your favorite memories know you think they’re a masterpiece. Straw easels, made using paper straws, a pipe cleaner, and hot glue, are perfect for holding sweet notes, family photos, IOU gift cards, or anything else you want to give someone you love.

They look elegant but are easy (and affordable!) to make. Just take four paper straws, cut the pieces to size, add a pipe cleaner for stability, and hot glue them together. We used gold paper straws but you could do any color—red for Valentine’s Day, red and white candy-cane stripes for Christmas, school colors for graduation!

Now you’ve got an easel ready to display sweet sentiments or happy memories! Print out our downloadable frames and cut and paste a photo inside, or write a loving greeting. Once you’ve made the easels, there are so many ways to use them!

Write guests’ names inside the paper “canvas” and use them as place cards.

Write an IOU for a gift or experience (it could say “Let’s paint the town red!” If you’re giving a restaurant gift certificate, or “100 hugs” if that’s what a kid is giving dad this year.

Cut and paste (or scan and print) family photos for grandma and grandpa to keep on their mantel.

Write an inspirational message like “You can do it!” or “You’re the best!” for a hard worker to keep on their desk.

Use each year’s holiday photo to create a gallery of memories. A photo gallery is also a sweet idea for a rehearsal dinner, shower or wedding (photos of the couple or family weddings through the years) or even a birthday party.

However you use them, they’re a fun, festive way to showcase golden memories.

What You’ll Need:


Step 1 Cut 3 straws to 5 ½ inches in length, and one to 3 and ⅞ inches.

Step 2 Take the two longest strongs and snip one end of each at an angle so that the two fit together like a corner of a triangle. Insert a pipe cleaner into one straw, then bend it and insert into the other straw to reinforce the upside-down V formed by the straws. Add a drop of hot glue at the point where the two straws and the pipe cleaner meet to secure.

Step 3 Measure 1½ “ up from the opposite (non-joined) end of each straw and mark with a pencil. Place a dot of hot glue on each of the pencil marks and glue the 3 ¾ ” straw across, making the ledge of your easel.

Step 4 Snip one end of the 5 ¾ “ straw on an angle so that it sits flush against the back side of the point you created with the 2 other straws, forming the back of the easel. Hot glue them together to secure in place. Now your easel should stand up.

Step 5 Download our Easel Art Template, print, and cut out. Write a message or paste a picture inside. Now you’re ready to display your masterpiece!

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, Holiday, Holiday Party

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