These fun crafts—hand painted by you—are also international symbols of good luck. The blue eye design, popular in Greece, Turkey, and all over the Middle East, is meant to repel bad vibes and secure good luck. Once they’re done, they can be used as paperweights, to hold down picnic blankets, or as fun favors or lucky charms. (To give someone the gift of luck, wrap them with a horseshoe, four-leaf-clover or other fortunate symbol and write To and From, or a sweet message and the date, on the back in Sharpie.)

Plus, they’re a project for kids and adults to DIT—because when you spend time Doing It Together, you’re already lucky! You can even paint a selection of big and small rocks for a whole “family” of lucky rocks.

What You Need:

  • Round Rocks
  • Blue, White, Turquoise, and Black Paint (acrylic is the best because it’s fast drying)
  • A Flat Brush

Step 1: Cover the rock with the darkest blue paint, let dry.
Step 2: Paint a white circle on top, let dry.
Step 3: Next, paint a smaller turquoise circle within the white circle and let dry.
Step 4: Paint a small black circle in the center as the “pupil” of the eye.

Now you’re ready to share the luck!

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