These puppy-portrait dog balloons aren’t just fun decor for a dog birthday party or a celebration of the “gotcha” day your pup came into your life. They’re also a great favor to give guests, or an easy project for a playdate.

I made this dog birthday party balloon to resemble Groot, our King Charles Spaniel, but you can whip up your own easily by addingpaper cutouts to a balloon to look like your four-legged friend.

Or, just take a few Sharpies and draw your dog—or cat’s!—face right onto the balloon. You can also do both—part drawing on the balloon, part adding paper features—like in this party pup balloon. And if you have a French poodle to celebrate, follow our instructions to twist long balloons into Parisian pups.

However you make yours, dog balloons lift everyone’s mood and get them into the pup party spirit. For more fun dog birthday ideas, click here.

What You’ll Need

  • White balloons
  • Ribbon or string (for balloons)
  • Dog face template
  • White paper
  • Brown paper bags, OR sheets of brown construction paper
  • Double-sided tape or glue dots
  • Black sharpie
  • Pink sharpie


Step One: Blow up balloons and tie into a knot, securing the ribbon or string in the knotted balloon end.

Step Two: Download our dog face template, print onto white paper, and cut out. Trace the ears and face template onto brown paper bags and cut out. Or, print the template directly onto sheets of brown paper and cut those out.

Step Three: Draw eyes and nose details onto the brown paper pieces using a black Sharpie.

Step Four: Cut the tongue out of the white paper you printed the template onto and color it in with pink marker—or just draw a tongue with marker directly on the balloon.

Step Five: Attach paper cut-outs to the balloon using glue dots or double-sided tape. Now your puppy portrait balloon is ready to party!