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All it takes is a few simple office supplies—and some votive candles—to turn clear containers into DIY cherry candle holders. Whether you’re having a dinner party, birthday, shower, or any other celebration these fun candle holders bring a summery spirit to every season with their cute cherry design!

They’re sweet and chic but so simple to make! Just take a glass container—it could be a drinking glass or a jam jar or yogurt jar with the label peeled off. Then, stick on red dot stickers like the ones you’ll find in the color coding section of an office supply store. Adhere them in pairs to make two cherries, or alone for a single cherry.

Next, use a green sharpie to draw on a stem. Don’t worry if you mess up! The sharpie wipes right off of glass. In fact, after your dinner party you can peel off the stickers (or use a little Goo Gone to remove them), wipe off the sharpie, and go back to having clear glasses again! (Sharpie looks great on white ceramic, too, but doesn’t always wipe off clean. If you’re going to use a ceramic vessel, test it first to see if the marker rubs off.)

You can make just one set of cherries or add as many pairs as you want! You can even write guests’ names or initials on the “cherries” turn these into a triple treat: decor, placecards, and favors everyone can take home at the end of the night.

Of course, these cute cherry containers aren’t just for candles! They make great pencil cups, ring holders, toothbrush holders, vases—you can cherry pick when and where you want to use them!

And while you’ve got the stickers out, consider using them to make cherries on placecards, paper invitations, or small journals to give as favors.

Darcy Miller Designs

What You’ll Need

Darcy Miller Designs


Step One: Stick red stickers onto a clear glass container; place them next to each other for a pair of cherries, alone for a single one.

Darcy Miller Designs

Step Two: Take a green sharpie and draw stems and leaves above the sticker “cherries.”

Darcy Miller Designs

Step Three: Repeat until the jar is covered in a pattern of cherries, drop in the votive candle and let there be light!

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