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For a fun snack break, our “Cherry” toast turns slices of bread and cheese into a cherry design that will put a smile on anyone’s face. (Even kids who normally won’t eat their greens and tomatoes!)

Start with any type of bread you like—baguettes, crostini, toast slices, anything that’s large enough to fit two cherry tomato halves and some “stems” made out of chives or any other green vegetable, even the basil stems from the cherry “leaf.” Spread them with ricotta, cream cheese, or any other spreadable white cheese. Arrange the tomato halves and chives to look like cherries on a stem, add a basil leaf at the top and voilà! You’ve made cheery “Cherry toast!”

For a snack at a playdate or party—or even just after school—set out the sliced bread, halved cherry tomatoes, cut chives, and basil leaves, along with some cream cheese and butter knives, and let each kid make their own snack. Then it’s an activity as well as a healthy treat! You can also play with the design, making multiple cherries, or the size, using smaller grape tomatoes or larger Campari tomatoes. For a sweet take, make the cherries out of red jam and the stems and leaves out of mint.

These unexpected apps are so easy, you can prep an entire tray full of “Cherry toast” before a party. Since they’re a summer fruit, they’re fun for any bash celebrating the season—but because you can get cherry tomatoes year-round, they’re great for a birthday, bridal shower, or other get-together any time. You might even say they’re the cherry on top of any party! For more cherry-themed ideas that make the most of the bright, sweet motif, click here.

Darcy Miller Designs

What You’ll Need

  • Sliced Bread (baguette, large crostini, or any kind of bread that can be sliced for toasting)
  • Ricotta cheese (or any white spreadable cheese, such as cream cheese or boursin,)
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Chives
  • Basil



Step 1: Slice bread, toast, and spread with cheese
Step 2: Cut tomatoes in half and arrange two halves cut side down on the toast
Step 3: Snip or cut chives into two pieces of about 2-3 inches each, and press into cheese above the tomatoes to make the “cherry” stems
Step 4: Lay a basil leaf at the top where the stems meet and serve! Feel free to sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste!

Darcy Miller Designs