A photo and some custom fortunes turn the classic playground game into a winner for birthday or anniversary parties.


What You’ll Need



Step 1 Print the Cootie Catcher template on one piece of paper. Print a photo of the honoree(s) onto the other.




Step 2 Fold the plain paper diagonally and crease to make lines.



Step 3 Fold all corners so the points meet in the middle, as shown. You should now have a smaller square.





Step 4 Flip the square over and fold up the new corners so that the points meet in the middle again, as shown.


Step 5 Fold the square in half, unfold, and fold in half the other way. Cut the 8 X 8 photo into four equal squares and attach them to the top flaps with doublestick tape.


anniversary_0805_07Step 6 Work your fingers into the corners from the fold side

Unfold, write fortunes on the sections of the cootie catcher indicated on the template, refold and you’re ready to go. Or, get guests into the action early by having them write prompts that involve the birthday boy (”what’s the funniest thing Tom ever said?”) or anniversary couple (“Martin will tell you the story of the first time he saw Madge—again.”). For more anniversary party tips, see the Anniversary Party chapter of Celebrate Everything!

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