They’re a traditional Passover dessert, but when they’re cut into tulip shapes, jellied fruit slices are a sweet treat that doubles as decor for any occasion. Their bright, citrus-y colors make them ideal for cheery Spring and Summer occasions from Easter to birthday parties, bridal showers, garden parties, graduations and more.

What makes this jellied fruit slice different from other jellied fruit slices? It has triangles cut out of the straight edge so that the slice now looks like a tulip blossom! We cut ours with a paring knife, and used the same knife to turn green slices into oval-shaped “leaves.”

Once you’ve got a bunch of jellied fruit flowers, arrange the “tulips” into rows of “flower beds” on a tray and place it in the middle of the table as a centerpiece. Or, top each plate with its own “tulip.” You can even add a paper leaf or stem with each person’s name on it to the “tulips” to turn them into placecards for a dinner or a Passover seder. The finished “flowers” are a sweet touch that adds blooming beauty to any occasion.

What You’ll Need

How To

Step One: Use the paring knife to cut triangles out of the flat edge of the fruit slices so that, when the curved edge is at the bottom and the cut edge at the top, the slice looks like a tulip blossom.

Step Two: Cut the green slices into oval “leaves” and rest one next to a tulip blossom.

Step Three: Arrange the “tulips” and “leaves” on a tray or dessert plate, or set one “tulip” at each plate.