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When I started thinking about filling our new studio space, I realized just how much we had to get done in a short period of time. Since we started from scratch, I went to Amazon to gather as much as I could. Boxes (a LOT of them!) began to arrive, and when placing things around the office, I realized I’d curated a great list of must-haves. I thought I’d share those here so you can shop them, too! You’ll find them all in my Amazon storefront, here. 

Some of my favorite finds are:

The gold starburst light fixtures which add personality to the clean, white space

Our acrylic conference table where we have meetings, eat lunch, craft, spread out projects, brainstorm ideas and celebrate, well, everything!

The lightweight chairs we can move around for photo shoots or events. Plus, the white cushions are wipeable—great for when the coffee or glitter spills! Their neutral color sets off the illustrated details throughout the studio, like my Darcy Miller x Chasing Paper New York City View window decal.

We were able to get everything big (table and chairs) and small (jars for candy and Jonathan Adler’s decorative box) on Amazon, so it really was one-stop (or one-click!) shopping.

Shop the Studio’s Amazon essentials

1. Brass and Acrylic Box, 2. Brass Ceiling Light, 3. Medium Glass Canister, 4. White Chair, 5. White Dining Table, 6. White Pencils

Darcy Miller Designs, Darcy Miller, Studio Tour, Office Design

Every workspace in the Darcy Miller Designs Studio is its own little world and stays in palette with the rest of the space. A neutral background behind added pops of color helps everything look clean, organized, and intentional while still feeling like you.

A clear lucite tray on each desk keeps supplies neat and handy. I also love clear accessories like this Russel & Hazel stapler and tape dispenser, and these stackable storage canisters all from Amazon. Not only can you see what’s inside, but it gives your space a lighter feel—while adding extra storage if you don’t have a lot of desk drawers!

Since I’m known for drawing portraits, I customized gold S’well bottles with decal illustrations of each of the Darcy Miller Designs team member, along with their initials. I’m always looking for ways to personalize…everything! Even the most practical items can act as decor and reflect your personality. It really is all in the details!

Shop your own desk accessories below!

1. Acrylic Tray, 2. Gold Binder Clips , 3. Desk Lamp, 4. Tape Dispenser, 5. Gold Water Bottle, 6. Gold Stapler, 7. Acrylic Stackable Organizer

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