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When I was searching for a location for Darcy Miller Designs, this place had me at “terrace,” a lucky find in NYC. There’s nothing like a little fresh air for inspiring creativity—plus it’s great for photo shoots and entertaining outdoors. Now that the studio is up and running, it’s a secret-garden for meetings, quick lunches outside, and, of course, parties. Here’s what makes it feel like home:

This Pottery Barn table and matching chairs are the perfect size, durable enough to leave outside, and lightweight, so we can move them around however we like.

The scalloped umbrella is chic, charming, and keeps us shaded from the sun.

Potted plants turn the terrace into a little oasis.

String lights add some magic—we keep these up all the time and mix in paper lanterns for photo shoots or events.

Bright accessories add some style. I love these colorful vases from Drew Barrymore’s Flower Home line, which bring in a pop of color.

Illustrated accents, like my beach ball cut-out, bring touches of personality.

Shop for your own outdoor accessories below!

1.Nylon Lanterns, 2. Outdoor Umbrella, 3. Tall Green Vase, 4. Pink Vase, 5. Green Vase, 6. Watering Can, 7. Bistro Chair, 8. Bistro Table

Darcy Miller Designs, Darcy Miller, Studio Tour, Office Design

When you’re setting up a space—whether indoors or out—create special little vignettes. They’re great for entertaining, and fun to live with all the time, too. Pillows and potted plants turn this area of the terrace into a comfortable extension of the office, and can make any outdoor space feel like a mini getaway. This bench provides seating, but doubles as just the right spot to set up a champagne station for a party!

When we’re entertaining or shooting at the studio, we’ll bring some indoor pieces—like this gold runner and accessories—out to make the space feel extra special. And to make any place truly your own, add touches that reflect your personality, like I did with cut-outs of my illustrations of a boombox, playing cards, and a summer hat.

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1. Rug, 2. Beverage Holder, 3. Lantern, 4. Heart Dishes, 5. Gardenia Plant, 6. Copper Tray, 7. Brass Bowl, 8. Bench

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