Everyone is a star at your Academy Awards viewing or movie party with these wine charms.

These drink markers are super simple to make (download, print, cut!) and give your guests to make their own mark on a (mini) Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Add some extra sparkle with a glammed up rim and your drinks will be Oscars-ready.


What You’ll Need:

Walk of Fame Wine Charm Template

Wine or champagne glasses


Paper or Cardstock

Sanding sugar and/or edible glitter (stars, gold and iridescent shown here)


Small, flat dish


How To:

Step 1 Download, print and cut out Walk of Fame Wine Charms onto cardstock (paper is okay, too)

Step 2 Cut a slit where marked on as many as you need. Set aside

Step 3 Fill your small dish with water and dip the rim of a glass in

Step 4 Dip wet glass into sanding sugar or edible glitter

Step 5 Turn upright and slide Walk of Fame Star onto glass

Step 6 Let guests make their mark on their stars!

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