A simple vase wrap is an easy way to add custom decor to your party—and can be a fun way to reflect your theme. For my brother-in-law’s birthday dinner, everything was tie-dyed to reflect his love of tie-dyed t-shirts. (To see more of the party, click here.) We scanned tie-dye fabric and printed it out on paper to make these splashy centerpieces; you can do the same with any fabric or image, or if you think tie-dye is just groovy, download our Tie-Dye Pattern, print it out and wrap it around any round cylinder. As for what to put inside, we chose flowers that looked as though they might have been tie-dyed: anemones with a hint of pink or yellow, plus some classic white ones to emphasize the color in the others.

What You’ll Need:

  • Tie-Dye Pattern Template
  • White Copy Paper
  • Scissors
  • Cylindrical Vases (or jars, cups, any tube-shaped vessel)
  • Doublestick Tape

Step 1 Download our Tie-Dye Pattern Template and print onto white paper.

Step 2  Wrap around your vase to measure, then cut into a rectangle to fit.

Step 3 Wrap around vase and secure with tape.

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