Don’t wait for a special occasion to show someone you care; words of love, encouragement, or celebration written on a post-it and stuck somewhere surprising can mean as much as the fanciest greeting card.

This is one of my favorite Happy Hacks for making someone feel special any day of the week. Just grab a sticky note and a pen, write the words you think someone needs to hear, and stick it in a spot where they’re sure to come across it.

Of course it doesn’t need to be a sticky note—any scrap of paper will do, and you can tape it to the mirror, breakfast table, or wherever it will be spotted.

The grown-up equivalent of the “Have a great day—we love you!” notes parents slip into lunch boxes to let kids know they’re thinking of them, a sticky love note is sweet, surprising, and so meaningful.

Write anything!

  • Good luck today! When a kid has a test or an adult has a big presentation
  • You’re the best! If someone needs a reminder
  • I’m so proud of you stuck on someone’s keyboard monitor or bedside table
  • I miss you already slipped into a briefcase, suitcase, or backpack
  • Thanks for having us in your host’s guest room
  • Thanks for a great weekend after a fun getaway
  • I love you any time, any place, any wear

No fancy penmanship, stamp, or sentiment needed! It’s a fast, fun way to make someone’s day.

The best part of a sticky love note? It won’t get lost in cyberspace or come sandwiched between a store’s 20% off ad and a work email. The person you love can keep the note stuck to their wall, use it as a bookmark, or write back to you on it and stick it on your desk. I like to take a sweet note and frame it in a scrapbox, turning it into a work of art. It’s a random act of kindness that the person who finds the note will remember—and might even save—forever.

What You’ll Need

For writing:

  • A sticky note or any scrap of paper
  • A pen.

That’s it—really!

For framing:


For Writing

Step One: Write your message onto the sticky note.
Step Two: Place your note somewhere unexpected but where its recipient is sure to find it.

That’s it! They’ll see the note and know you were thinking of them. And you’ll be making someone happy without even knowing it’s happening.

For Framing

Step One: Grab your note and open your frame or shadowbox.

Step Two: Attach your note to the back of the frame or shadowbox. You can
Stick it on using metallic tape or colorful washi tape as an extra decorative element.
Make it 3-D by sticking a foam dot to the back of a scrapbox and placing the note on top.
Use sticky tack or hot glue (for something heavy) to mount a note written on a 3D object like a matchbook, a beaded bracelet, or rock.

Step Three: Close the frame or shadowbox, hang, and feel the love every time you see the message.