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For a fast and easy “cake” that takes no baking, pile your favorite doughnuts high. I used the the new Foodstirs organic powdered doughnuts, but you can form a cake-shaped pyramid with any stackable sweet, from rice krispie squares to lemon bars to blondies. Make the treat tower extra special by topping it with paper cut-outs in shapes of animals as pictured here, speech bubbles, or any other shape you like taped to toothpicks, or other decor you like: flowers, candles, anything that takes the “cake.”

Add a wrap around your cake stand or display plate as an easy finishing touch.

What You’ll Need:

Step 1 Download Smiley Shapes and Squiggle Cake Stand Wrap templates, print, and cut out.

Step 2 Tape Smiley Shapes to toothpicks

Step 3 Wind the Cake Stand Wrap around the edge of your serving piece, securing with tape

Step 4 Arrange doughnuts on the cake stand or platter and top with toothpicks, candles, flowers.