Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, “Spider Egg” Halloween Surprise Ball Favor


The Itsy Bitsy Spider goes right onto your plate when you decorate the table with spider egg Halloween surprise ball favors, made with a paper spider sitting on a treat-filled “spider egg.” The busy spiders serve as place-settings, decor, and favors all at once—add a name tag and they can be placecards, too.

To create the spider’s “egg”, start by filling a clear plastic ornament with treats—go for classic sweets like candy corn or foil-wrapped “eyeballs”, or nestle in beads, stickers, or any small toys. Then, wrap it with gauze—we went for regular medical gauze from the pharmacy topped with white and black cheesecloth for a web-like effect, but you can use any loosely-woven fabric or even crepe paper.

Then, top the egg with a black widow (download our spider template, print, and cut out, make your own, or use plastic spiders). You can also make a traditional surprise ball by unrolling crepe paper and rolling it into a ball, sandwiching small treasures, from stickers to charms to fortunes, in between the layers before taping shut.

Once you’ve wrapped up your spider egg Halloween surprise balls you can scatter several across the table like a spider’s nest, or leave one at each place atop a “spider web” that’s drawn on a white plate using a food-safe marker. You can also take a cue from Charlotte’s web and write in the web—add the name of each guest and the spider egg surprise ball becomes a place card in addition to decor and a fun favor.

If you love the look so much you want to weave a longer-lasting web, use a Sharpie or paint pen to draw the web onto a plate that is strictly decorative, or, if you plan to serve food on your masterpiece, draw the web with a food-safe marker and follow the directions for curing.

What You’ll Need:


Step 1 Fill clear plastic ornament with candy or other treats.

Step 2 Tape the end of a piece of gauze to the ornament at the seam, then wrap with gauze until covered and tape in place. Cover with black cheesecloth if desired. (The cheesecloth will stick to the gauze, but you can also tape it down for extra security.) Now you’ve got your spider egg!

Step 3 Download Spider Template, print, cut out and attach on top of “Spider Egg” with a glue dot or tape.

Step 4 Draw a spiderweb onto a white plate using a food-safe marker. Place spider-topped Spider Egg Halloween Surprise Ball on top of egg.

Darcy Miller, Darcy Miller Designs, “Spider Egg” Halloween Surprise Ball Favor