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A fun, easy treat for afterschool snacks, birthday parties, or any time you want to put a smile on someone’s face, personalized pizza bagels are a delicious way to express yourself. They’re a satisfying snack break and definitely something you can DIT—Do It Together.

These tasty treats are simple to make with ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen: mini bagels, tomato sauce, and cheese slices. You can use jarred or homemade sauce, and whatever sliced cheese you like (we picked provolone). If you and yours like pepperoni, line up some of those, too; if not, skip it!

Beyond that, all you need are some cookie cutters to punch letters out of the cheese and you’re ready to go! First, cut the cheese slices into circles using a round cookie cutter or a drinking glass. Then, with the cookie cutters, cut letters out of the middle of the cheese circle. Or, you can cut the shapes out of pepperoni, if you’re using it on your mini pizzas.

Next, spread tomato sauce on top of the mini bagel and layer the slice of cheese on top so that the sauce peeks through the cut-out. Or, top the bagel with sauce and a full circle of cheese, then add a pepperoni letter on top.

However you choose to make your letters, you can then line up your pizza bagels to write messages. Spell out the initials of the birthday honoree, write LOVE for Valentine’s Day (or any day!), or go for acronyms like HBD, LOL, or NBD. (You got your PhD? For a smarty like you, that’s NBD!)

And you don’t need to limit yourself to letters, either! Cut out hearts, wedding bells, or lovebirds for an engagement party, use holiday cookie cutters come December—the possibilities are endless! Whatever you choose to write, these personalized pizza bagels are a fun take on everyone’s favorite snack, and an unexpected way to send a message. The new say it with flowers is say it with pizza bagels

What You’ll Need

  • Mini bagels
  • Tomato sauce
  • Sliced cheese
  • Drinking glass (or round cookie cutter)
  • Pepperoni (optional)
  • Cookie cutters (think letters, hearts, shapes)


Step One Use a round cookie cutter or a glass to cut sliced cheese in circles about the same size—or slightly smaller than—your bagels.
Step Two Spoon sauce on top of split bagels.
Step Three Cut letters or shapes out of the middle of the circles of cheese, using the cookie cutters, and layer the sauce-topped bagel with cheese circles. The sauce will show through (as with the heart bagel above). Or, cut letters/shapes out of pepperoni instead, and top the bagels with whole circles of cheese followed by the pepperoni letters.
Step Four Bake 5-10 min at 375F until hot cheese is melted and bagel is warm throughout.

Arrange your bagels to spell out your message. Y-U-M!