Nothing goes together better than movies and popcorn. Whether you’re dressing up for an Academy Award party or just having a few friends over for a Netflix night, a popcorn bar is snacks and decor in one.

Set out different kinds of popcorn (think at least one savory, one sweet, and the classic butter), line up a few bowls of toppings, and invite your ensemble cast to create Oscar-worthy scene-stealing snacks!

What You’ll Need:

  • Popcorn (go with a variety here!)
  • Food-safe bags (or bowls or cartons–something for your guests to create their mixes in!)
  • A Variety of Toppings–get creative! Think about:
  • Chocolate Candy: We chose Whoppers, Sno-Caps, Buncha Crunch, and Junior Mints, but you can use any bite-size chocolate, like M&Ms or Milk Duds.
  • Chewy Candy: Swedish Fish, Gum Drops, and Licorice were our picks but Sour Patch Kids and any kind of gummies do the job, too.
  • Spices: There’s nothing wrong with a little extra seasoning: Old Bay, chilli flakes, nutritional yeast, sea salt, and fresh rosemary made it to our spread, but most herbs would work here.

How To:

Step 1 Set out popcorn, toppings, and food-safe bags

Step 2 Let your guests mix their own and see who walks away with the Best Snack award!

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