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Talk about flower power: when shaped like blooms, a healthy breakfast or snack becomes a fun treat. Top yogurt with berries or citrus wedges arranged to look like petals. Or, slice up a pear, apple, or other larger fruit, or even cut shapes with a cookie cutter, and make those pieces your petals. Add a mint leaf or two for a flavorful, “flower”-y snack that will put some Spring in their step.

What you need:

  • Yogurt
  • Bowl
  • Fruit
  • Fresh Mint
  • Knife
  • Cookie cutter (optional)

Step 1 Serve yogurt into bowl.

Step 2 Cut fruit slices into slices or petal-shapes with cookie cutter if using larger fruit, then arrange into flower shape atop the yogurt, setting “petals” around a central blueberry. If using berries or citrus wedges, just arrange them around the blueberry in a floral shape.

Step 3 Garnish with mint leaves and let breakfast bloom!